Let me live …

I have a heart full of love 

I have a soul full of warmth and care .
But , 
I cry  

I beg 

I scream… 
Let me live to see my first sunshine 

Let me live to feel how it feels to be alive 

Let me live to unfold the dreams and aspire 

Let me live to express the wishes of innocent admire 

My pleadings are but muted wails 

My faint voice drowned in some distant chaos 
She desperately appeals with them to spare my life but in vain … 
They drag me out of the warmth of her sheltered womb … slaughtering until I sleep in the arms of cold eternal rest ! 

All this because I am the unfortunate girl child … uncared and unwanted by that society… wicked and pitiless, who has the power to decide and dare. 
Note: Every 12 secs a baby girl is aborted in India. Please stop killing and be human.

Picture added from Google Image .


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  1. Good post, keep it up you rock 🎳💥❕

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    1. Thank you so much for appreciating my thoughts . 😊 !!

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    1. Thanks much for reading my thoughts. Happy and sad at the same moment for bringing tears to your eyes , I feel very strongly on this topic and my writing could at least evoke empathy in you.Thanks for visiting my blog !

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      1. my pleasure 😊 I am happy reading your comment keep writing

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  2. kiranmag says:

    It’s so unfortunate about the girl fetous. ..but things are changing I mean there is positive change and awareness too…Let’s pray for a bright future

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    1. Yes Kiran things are changing but still the undercurrent prevails about female foeticide in India . Hoping for clearer mindset of people .

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      1. kiranmag says:

        Yes to some extent …have a nice time

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