Option !

She didn’t ask for the moons and the stars nor the golden mountains of fame , She wanted him by her side,to hold her and call her name . She said : You are my priority but I am always your last option by choice . But the chaos around them quietly drowned her voice.

I belong ..

Glad I found my way , Before my thoughts got stray. It’s good to be here, to you I belong , Like in a daydream ,lost in the rhythms of that song .

Straight From A Mother’s Heart !!

A mother is born again the day she becomes one . It’s such a happy-sad mixed feeling to see your children out grow your lap first and then gradually struggle to learn the ways of life , to be part of the bigger world . Perhaps only a mother can understand this strong unexplained emotion….

the GLOW in LOVE !

Like a flame you light up my soul … I thereafter glow in your impassioned warmth of love . Like a summer tempest you rage up in me a commotion of fiery emotions … I thereafter rejoice in your fervent unveil of ingenuous affection. Like a flower that blossoms beautifully in spring you nurture the…

Those moments …

There are these moments in life when you wish youcould bring back that special sunshine day and spend the day with the same old zest and ardour, just one more time, give one more hug, kiss goodbye orhear that caring voice again. One morechance to say I Love you ! ♥

#BeingLoved !

A four letter word – LOVE ! What does it mean to me ,to you ? Is it about caring ? Or is it that cozy warm feeling ? A strong word, a more stronger emotion. You walked straight into my heart one day ,filling it with so much tenderness and concern , Giving life…

Because You Inspire Me !!

“The nice little bond that we share and little that you care” … I cherish the most. You boost up my efforts to achieve what I desire … your presence works like a life tonic for me . I look up to you for every little thing in life …you inspire me . Have I…

Forlorn … !!

It's a long dark lonely road and I walk alone , No stopping by to look back because I know you'll never be home .

Numb !

So numb so broken, Can't feel the darkness too ,  She is alive in a way others couldn't be,Her heart ached as she murmured in melancholy , Deep in her mind she knows how destructive it can be , Love of her life lost with the future already damaged ,It is inevitable … since destiny can not be…

Little pleasures of life … !!

Every New Day Is A CHANCE To CHANGE Your Life Into A Better Tomorrow . Grab It When Life Gives You A Second Chance To Change Your Future … Chances Rarely Knock Twice On The Same Window Yet We Must Never Forget To Cherish Every Moment While It Lasts . We always crib and complain…

Shelter her !!

Give it all to me,The pain and the agony. Take it from me,The love and the symphony. Sheltering you with tender affection,Because the world is facing a chaotic misogyny !!