Forlorn … !!

It's a long dark lonely road and I walk alone , No stopping by to look back because I know you'll never be home . Advertisements

Numb !

So numb so broken, Can't feel the darkness too ,  She is alive in a way others couldn't be,Her heart ached as she murmured in melancholy , Deep in her mind she knows how destructive it can be , Love of her life lost with the future already damaged ,It is inevitable … since destiny can not be…

Little pleasures of life … !!

Every New Day Is A CHANCE To CHANGE Your Life Into A Better Tomorrow . Grab It When Life Gives You A Second Chance To Change Your Future … Chances Rarely Knock Twice On The Same Window Yet We Must Never Forget To Cherish Every Moment While It Lasts . We always crib and complain…

Shelter her !!

Give it all to me,The pain and the agony. Take it from me,The love and the symphony. Sheltering you with tender affection,Because the world is facing a chaotic misogyny !! 

It just happens !!

You can't choose who you love … it just happens !  He just came by and said hello when I was just about to lose it all … 

The ugly side !

Oh ! I got furious this time , couldn’t bear it any longer and I lost my composer. After all these years of taunting and torment he says as a last attempt to keep me from leaving “We are still married in the eyes of god .” I manage to reply – “Oh !! Then…

LetGo !! 

Close your eyes,clear your heart and let it go ..if you learn to forgive you can move on in life or else  you'll  be stuck in that point forever  ..~~~ 

Bonded for life !! 

Can't stop the caring.Can't stop the loving. The desires that you kindled in my heart,Will bind us together even if someday …we are far far apart !!  #simplelovestories 

Madly !! 

Deep down within me, I am loosing my mind, Craving for you  Crying for you  Wanting you  Needing you  Loving you …  …. Madly !!  #simplelovestories 

Do the stars gaze back ? 

When you gently held my hand and took me away …  The feel of warmth in your embrace, The feel of passion in your kisses,  The feel of love in your eyes ,  Mesmerised like in a dream I walked into that wonderland of yours … it felt like , yes one bright star did…

Falling back on you !!

Corners of my mind, Spaces in my heart,  Voids in my being ,  All screaming together in unison to get you back into me … finding a way back to … Being in love, Being blissfully happy, Being alive …. all over again !! 

Moral values !!!!

Over the generations put together had they ever thought of teaching their boys any etiquettes or a little grace (morally ) ??  Alas!! It would have been a different society as a whole with safer streets to walk on .