Love : Not just a fancy word …


I thought Love is overrated ,
… just a fancy word.
But I was wrong …. it’s a feeling ,a tender thought .
The last thought before we go to sleep .
The first when we wake up …
We love we care ,
Not because we have to but because we want to .It enhances the meaning and purpose of life .
The best part of it is … we never run out of love , our loved ones are precious … we put our whole heart into it to make those relationships work and make the special ones happy , to bring in that little smile !!

We run to them when they need us and they comfort us when we need them ,because all we want is little care and create loads of precious memories to live by because we don’t know what the future holds for us .All that we do for them is out of unbound affection … we don’t judge them we don’t assume .. we ensure they flourish and go after their dreams ,
we just let them be , who they are … what they are , we love them no matter what . The path may be hard but to reach them we make our best efforts because difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations . But sometimes it’s the journey itself which is overwhelming, taking care of each other and healing the wounds , that’s heartwarming … it keeps us focussed .

Love is not saying those three words or eight letters to each other without even meaning it but showing them we care through simple affectionate gestures and the mutual respect .

We cherish their presence in our lives because we know together is a beautiful place to be .

“Love is unconditional ,
The understandings exceptional ,
In love we grow ,
Seeking a brighter tomorrow “.


Some people step into our lives from nowhere and become such an important part of our lives, we almost forget how we survived before them, the courage and support they show us is beyond comprehension. In this absolutely fake and materialistic world if we happen to find love we must be grateful for it … life gives us these valued friendships and meaningful associations with people to cherish which enriches our journey to better ourselves everyday for those we love , for those who love us !

Sometimes being there for each other is the greatest love of all .




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