When the Perfect Love finds you …

One can never find love where it doesn’t exist , other way round it can not be hidden where it truly does…

Sometimes we crave and search for the perfect Love all our lives and suddenly when one fine day ,we see it coming from the most unexpected direction ,we are elated … it is unbelievably awesome and takes us with its strong flow of emotions and sense of belonging , into creating a whole new world of our own , away from the chaos of this one .

We at times may break each other’s heart but still we love madly .


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  1. Reblogged this on alifelessordinary and commented:
    Just have courage and faith to feel and find Love … It might be just around the corner…

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    1. Thank you so much for the gesture and for appreciating my thoughts . Glad you enjoyed it . Cheers !!!


      1. You know it was my first ‘Reblogged Post’
        I could totally relate to each and every word. you weave magic with your words.

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      2. You made my day Bhavna … I am so happy to read your opinion about my writings … it’s very inspiring !! Thanks again.


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