BeYou(tiful) … !!

” Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart” – Khalil Gibran

A persons beauty is not what we see as it appears on the exterior but the light they carry inside , that which innately brightens up our being . In the real sense of it ,the feeling of contentment in what we have achieved or aspire to be reflects on our outer being.

We confine the concept of beauty within the walls of the superficial appearance of the person , the poise and the get up but often forget to appreciate the inner beauty, the finer qualities , the humble goodnesses , the care and the love he/ she offers.

Sometimes we are so engaged in counting the physical attributes that we completely ignore the intrinsic qualities that makes us humane . ..

Beauty is not about your Gucci dress , how you present yourself or your costly Mac make up , it is about being comfortable in being the real you , the you that is not fake yet so charming and delightful to everyone’s eyes .

The outward glamour can attract anybody’s eyes but the inner grace will hold a heart forever .

Quoting few lines from one of my earlier posts “ Love or Lust “ …

What you loved was the shine in her beautiful eyes,

That could hold your gaze like the clear blue skies …

What you desired was the beauty of her form ,

That would fade away with the rage of life’s storm .

What you admired was the glow of her skin,

But you never delved into the pain that was within …


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    1. Thank you so much for reading and appreciating my thoughts .. glad you like it . Wishing you a great year ahead .


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