DRAUPADI SHAMED … a write up . 

There are millions of Draupadis (refer to previous post DRAUPADI SHAMED … the poem) still residing and suffering in our households and in the streets around us whose dignity is being compromised day in and day out both mentally and physically and there will be more of them if they lack the courage to face the monsters of our pseudo modern society who still assumes women to be a commodity.
 With the rapidly growing rate of crime against women in our country India and assuming the weaker legislative tools and procedures to punish such grievous offences and eliminate these goons from our society and to inculcate moral character in them, the future breed of women can be safe only if people with strong social awareness takes things at their stride.

The very recent incident that took place in a remote village of Assam has shaken up my beliefs on humanity. The middle aged (58 year old) head mistress Srmti Arnomai Bora of a school of jamunamukh, Kamari dhing village was brutally raped and killed on her way back home from school duties. She lives behind her husband Sri Bimal Bora and a complete family of grieving children and grandchildren.
There are other numerous such incidents that uproots and devastates the very existence of humanity, one of them being the 21 year old girl in west Karbi Anglong district who was gang raped and killed while returning from attending a cultural programme accompanied by a male friend . Later her body was found hanging from a tree. 
A very alarming rate of increase has been witnessed in the recent years. Also According to a data of 2015 released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) Assam, West Bengal and Bihar has emerged as the highest human trafficking hubs of the country. 
More than 15,000 women have been raped in Assam in the past decade. A data published in Indiabloom.com according to Assam police 15,206 cases have been registered in different police stations of the state majority of which awaiting a charge sheet , a verdict and finally justice to be delivered . 
Also as a child living in the common premises in my father’s nursing home, I saw numerous cases of inhuman atrocities on women brought there either for first aid or for treatment, in dilapidated states. One such devastating case that really touched me was a poor girl or rather infant as young as 5 years old who was raped by someone known to the family, breathed her last after 3 months of non-response to treatment. Evidently in most of these cases of rape and murder, it is observed that the offender is known to the victim.
 I always pondered why no one not even their families speak up for these exploited helpless women and children. Their voices are muted and they are tight lipped while conveniently hushing up such matters for the fear of “What will people say?”
While today women are excelling in all fields of work and aspects of life, yet they have to face such inhuman behavior meted on them incessantly without fail. Sadly they are not safe at home, nor at work places and not at all in our vicious open streets.
 Few years back I read about Dr.Sunitha Krishnan, founder of the woman organization Prajwala, an NGO based out in Hyderabad, working on women issues. She has devoted her entire life for the upliftment and rehabilitation of women and children, particularly victims of commercial sexual exploitation. She and many like her can be a ray of hope and a promise that at least few among the thousands exploited will be rehabilitated and accepted back to their normal social circles. Though there are hordes of NGOs and other organizations working in this field but Dr.Krishnan’s approach to it is totally praise worthy, she not only tries to save the victims but also reconstruct their lost admiration for life and put them back into the mainstream society with their heads held high. We need more people like her to build up a stronger support system for those women who are victims of such atrocities.

 It is however an evident fact that education with the right attitude makes a person well versed, learned and complete and enables them to differentiate and decide to choose between good and evil. So proper education plays a vital role in building a healthy mental outlook. We as part of this greater society must put our foot forward in this fight for humanitarian upliftment by educating our children from the earliest age, specially our young boys to respect women and value their worth.




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