Lost in a game of dice her dignity,
In the name of false divinity,

Disrobed publicly by the Kauravas,

And witnessed by the helpless Pandavas.

She was subjected to unimaginable humility.
What was her fault ?

What caused her distraught ?
She screamed and cried for help,to save her honour,

All the learned and the renowned turned their faces away from her state of peril,

Only to hear her plead to spare her from being openly shamed.
Turning a deaf ear to her laments all kept their quiet and calm.

Others have one but she had five,

Still couldn’t save her dignity from being outraged ?
Draupadi ,the epitome of feminity , beauty and grace .

The Pandavas, her five husbands , the proof of cowardice ,disgust and disgrace !!!
Note: There are millions of Draupadis still residing and suffering in our households whose dignity is being compromised day in and day out both mentally and physically and there will be more if they lack courage to face the monsters of our pseudo modern society who still assumes women as a commodity.


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  1. arupabarua says:

    Wonderful poem depicting a saga wrought with disgusting gender bias and inhuman rules and regulations of a deeply patriarchal societty…. Draupadi is the symbol of Indian womenhood worshiped and abused at the same time…..my good wishes .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the beautiful appreciation and feeling deeply the thoughts I put through . Love ❤


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