Know your power know your strength …
Create your own stories , weave your own dreams .. don’t give in to stereotypes !
Do things that gives you pleasure ,

Do things that uplifts you beyond measure!
You are unique , you are blessed ,

Many times they’ll taunt you , yet show them what you are worth of and put their gossips to rest !
Wear what makes you comfortable,

Remember,your attire doesn’t make you vulnerable.

Speak what boils in your mind,

Express your likes, dislikes and what you prefer ,

Because if you don’t , their choices will make you suffer.
You are a girl , a woman , a daughter ,a mother … a creator of life !
Choice must be yours …

Marry or not marry ,

Love or not fall in love,

Become a mother or choose not to.
Socialize , fraternize and be fearlessly wize,

You will need an undauntable courage to meet with their patronize !
No less talented,

No less equipped,

No less educated,

No less capacitated.
Oozing with confidence march ahead with head held high ,
After all, it’s your life and you will decide how to lead it your way,

Just believe in your special blessings … trust it will make you smile and sway !!


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