It often occurs to me to think .. how much forever is “forever” ? 
Does it have an end ? 

Is it not going to be over with time ? 

Will it be everlasting ? 
When we say this is it what we were searching for in a relationship and finally we think we got it ,do we really know it’s longevity ?
Friendships , loveships ,breakups.

Attachment , fondness ,hookups .

Everything comes with a date of expiry,don’t they ? 
Yet,there are some associations we never want them to end… because it makes us feel complete ! 
Sometimes in life we may find a friend who in their own special way changes our life for the better and we end up so attached, that we never want to let them go. 

That face becomes your inspiration to carry on bravely because somewhere deep down you know even if you had a bad fall that friend will be the first to pick you up from the darkest shambles . 
It’s true people come and people go … we meet hundreds and thousands of them , our co travellers in the journey of life but,only a few,sometimes just one may become indispensable for us and we crave that company to last forever … as if ” FOREVER  HAS NO END ” . 


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