Emotion-Machines !!! 

Have you ever found yourself upset at things that doesn’t really matter? We all have… and it can be very destructive sometimes.
Things that really don’t make sense to us after a certain time has passed,yet when it happens we are so devastated and broken as if it is the end of the world.
In such situations,people often tend to give in to over sentimentality and hyper sensitivity towards their own self and become mentally fatigued due to exertion of varied moods and feelings , which may in turn even result in an emotional breakdown thus harming the phychological characteristics of the person in concern .
This instinctive tenderness to a particular disturbing event may also rob us of the power of proper reasoning and knowledge,converting us into a reckless unpleasant individual.
Moreover , it has been rightly said that we may be masters of our own thoughts ,but still we are the slaves of our emotions .
Emotions and feelings at times are so strong ,it overpowers our intellect and we lose control of our current state of mind… we give in to negativity.
As alert individuals,we mustn’t react or rather not over react to these unfavourable temporary circumstances,which might pop up without a prior warning in our life and hence try to maintain a calmer approach and compose ourselves thus, that it doesn’t ruin our sensibility and retains a balanced mental well being .


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