Everyday is a new beginning ! 

Yesterday was the unchangeable past … leave it.
Today is the measurable present… live it.

And tomorrow hides the surprising future … find  it .
Blot the mistakes , burn the sorrows, hold the precious in the heart,

And never be afraid to make a fresh new start !

Usher in the magic of new beginnings,

Take it , let it … because it’s worth it .

Forgive with all your heart,

Love with all your might,

Desire with all your light,

Because it’s the rough battle of life you have to fight.
Here ,I am filled with an overwhelming lump of hope,

A plenitude of positive faith,running through my mind as I sit down today to write.


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  1. kiranmag says:

    May your hopes come true 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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