I stand and I deal. 

I stammer, I stagger … to open up the mind and be honest to myself ,

Trust I wish to spread the wings and do that one thing that I really have my heart and soul in.

For once just to give myself the real feel of happiness to sink in !!

At times I ask myself is it worth the pain ?

By doing this what I got to gain ?

Will it bring in more despair ?

Or will it make all the miseries disappear ?
Sometimes I see hope …

When the storms come in ,destroying everything in one go,

Yet leaving the shores fertile and ready for the next fresh sow.
Earthlings are the most loving and sometimes can be the most difficult to understand .
Their feelings for fellow humans struggling up and down the same ladder of life is beyond someone’s comprehend .
At times I wonder ,Life is a beautiful mystery …

I am Bewildered by its aloofness,

I am Surprised by its suddenness,

I have Sheltered myself from the engulfing storm .

The apprehensions that I feel,

With my head held high ,I go on ,I stand and I deal .

Here, it’s everyday , a masquerade of buried emotions ,

At times a display of voluptuous insolent attitude,

Where,regret is greater than gratitude !!


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