On Relationships … as I see them !!

It’s true there’s no point holding on to things we cannot change … it will only depress us and deviate us from positivity.
However, there are these people in our lives who means the world to us yet they take our affection and care for granted.They take advantage of our vulnerability .
They might take our silence to be our weakness but it’s not the story at all … we tend to accept them the way they are because we love them unconditionally .We never want them to change.
Sometimes people who matter to us the most may also hurt us the most by saying or doing something terribly upsetting yet with time we tend to forgive them because we can never love them less .
It really helps if we do not hold on to our ego and just let things be ,may be by saying a hello or a sorry first to break any kind of ice that has developed and by actually meaning it. A small gesture of kindness goes a long way and surprisingly ,may even save many a relationship.
In every relationship there has to be a two way traffic of give and take . Needless to say we have to put in lot of healthy compromises and adjustments to secure our relationships but always we must keep in mind that those adaptations never bring down our honour and respect in our own eyes because being worthy in our own eyes is as important as craving for acceptance from the people we love and live for .


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  1. arupa barua says:

    Your beautiful and thought provoking write up reflects my philosophy too. You are a true humanitarian and a positive thinker. Soceiety needs writers of your calibre.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the most wonderful thing to say and coming from you it really means a lot 👍🏻
      Love !


  2. Manjarika Rajkhowa says:

    Very well written about true relationships.
    Yes, what you said is so true.Life is a continuous process of adjustment for the attainment of personal peace & happiness .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad you could relate to my thoughts Linu Ba ! Thanks for reading and the beautiful feedback . Means a lot . Love !


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