Life Is Once ! 

Little things that matter…
Precious moments that we gather, 

With a free mind, journey on towards the future.
Contemplating what life has to bare,

Strengthening the reins to take a dare.
You’ve got troubles I’ve got mine,

Confidently we overcome obstacles, to keep that shine.
You are not perfect … neither am I,

You inspire me , I support you … as we fly high. 
Simple random gestures,

None planed nor fabricated …. 

When you care it shows in your smile 

Takes me by surprise many a while !! 

Let go of memoirs that hurt, 

Forget those moments that tears us apart. 
Life is short , life is once , 

Sometimes we don’t get a second chance . 
Cherish the present ,forgive the past because we only live for …. 

Little things that matter !! 


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