Our first Kiss… 

Often I am lost  in that moment when wrapped  cozily in a blanket,your lips gently kissed mine for the very first time … under the light of a thousand stars,

After days ,months and now years of being adored by you ceaselessly , I can still feel your first soft touch on my skin,sending sensational shudders down my arched back … passionately making love to me shedding away slowly all of my pain.

Burning bright you are my desire still ,with each time my heart fluttering like a candle in the rain,

You held my hand in a warm grip lovingly brushing your fingers on mine … and it felt like I was home once again !!


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  1. cant really say what i want on wordpress….. nothing bad! so ill just say that this is very sweet….

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    1. Hey Christopher thanks for the feedback ! Appreciate your views on it . 😊

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