Let’s Celebrate Love Everyday ❤️ 

While everyone’s busy celebrating their fancy undying “LOVE ” for each other because it’s the 14th of Feb , Valentines Day,I am however wondering why is love constricted to expressing it only to your Boy-friend/ Girl-friend , Spouse / Lover or is it restricted to buying heart shaped gifts , chocolates and sending Lovey Dovey messages to the opposite sex ?
With due regards to Saint Valentine of Terni the origin of celebrating Valentines Day is quite contradictory to what we see around us today.
Isn’t it Love when your Maa asks whether you ate lunch on time ?

Isn’t it Love when siblings show affection for each other ?

Isn’t it Love when we care about our friend’s wellbeing ?

Isn’t it Love when my son runs into my arms the moment I reach home ?

Isn’t it Love when your not so social-media savvy friend doesn’t forget to call you on your birthday inspite of all her busy schedules ?
For me Love has no boundaries and no limits and of course  yes it can be felt for anyone at any point of time for those who actually makes a difference in our lives, may it be your old housekeeper who knows exactly when you are really craving for a cup of hot coffee , an affectionate family member, your adorable aunties and uncles,a friend who stands by you through thick and thin and never judges you,your aging grandpa who still drives down to have a chat with you,a cousin’s lovely wife who bakes a cake specially for you or even a colleague who goes out of the way to help you.
So why not celebrate love throughout life by showing compassion to those we know are always there for us and also to those who need it the most .
I believe, in reality, Love is unconditionally giving away Care .
With much Love !



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  1. Lol😘 says:

    I totally agree with u!! Valentine’s day can also be celebrated with our parents, friends, siblings.. They all make our life meaningful!!

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    1. So glad that we share the same thoughts on this . Love is a universal feeling that we can have for anybody without any cut out restrictions ! Thanks for reading 😊😊😊

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  2. Yes Tina, all those beautiful moments of love give a reason to celebrate. Love for family, friends and mankind makes this world a better place ❤🙂

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    1. Absolutely agree with you ! Love is all around us 💞😊😊

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