Feel the magic …

So it goes like this…
Didn’t plan to ,

Didn’t  know it was coming,

Didn’t know how strong it would be ,

Didn’t feel the magic until ….

I just fell in love with you and I couldn’t help myself.
Life is like a movie,if you let it be,

Life can be that fairy tale you always dreamt to see !!

Picture quote added from Google .


2 Comments Add yours

  1. kiranmag says:

    Everything seems to be beautiful
    When we fall in love
    With the frame of most lovable person always in our mind
    The thoughts of most lovable person in our mind
    Then life becomes a fairy tale
    As well as beautiful movie

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    1. Yes love can transform your life into a fairytale if you let it 😍 … love is a Devine feeling .

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