Ode to grandma !!

Petite,smart ,well read,loveable, caring and considerate are just a few words I could think of to describe your persona ..
Ohh grandma !!

Yet you are much more than that.
As graceful as grace could be

So beautiful as beauty could be

As adorable as adore could be

So lively as life could be

As charming as charm could be

So refined as refine could be
Ohh grandma !!

Yet you are much more than that.
Pleasant memories of childhood and growing up ,sheltered by your warm embrace

You lovingly taught us many a lesson ,of life and grace.

Though you reside up in the peaceful heavens, I know now you spread your shine there,the aroma of your freshly baked cakes and the euphony of you,humming old soulful melodies … in a cosy corner of my mind, it still lingers on .


Picture is of my grandma with her younger brother on her visit to London in the early 80s.


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  1. arupa barua says:

    I could see your grandma coming alive in your poetry…blessing you ..you have .drawn her so ŕeal.
    May her soul rest in peace.
    You made her proud Tina.

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    1. I just poured my heart out , like how I remember her . Thank you so much .❤️


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