They often asked her … 
why do you hide yourself in the dark gloomy quarters ?

Why do you shun away all the bright hues of cheerful laughters ? 

Why Oh Why do you gaze through the window at the blankness of the vast night sky ? 
She kept silent 

She kept gazing 

She stopped smiling 

She reacts to no feelings

She was mourning  !! 
And one day with inconsolable agony she pours her heart out … 
I lost myself within his deceptive eyes 

He inflicted an unending cry of pathos in my being

He abandoned me when a new life was leafing  inside me, yet another evidence of his lustful carnage 

I lost my dignity in pampering his inflated ego 
He broke my heart and left unhealed scars that tore me apart 
Long forgotten are the Love , the laughter, the delightful glee and everything doing well  
Holding on to the tiny heart beating within,with tearful eyes, in somber remorse I lay in the darkest chambers where now I dwell !! 

Picture added from Google Image. 


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  1. kiranmag says:

    Poignant. the way emotions are flowing perfectly with words

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Kiran thank you so much dear ! Yes Poetry is nothing but flow of emotions .

      Liked by 1 person

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