ColourBlind !!! 

Why not treat everyone equally and not divide them into colour compartments ?
Why not spread love and harmony amongst all humankind ,irrespective of caste , creed or colour ?

Why not embrace warmly God’s children who are different from us in skin and race ? 

Why not comfort them affectionately when they face distress ? 
Dark, fair or dusky  

White,black or brown …… Does it really matter ? 
Or does their colour of the blood differ from each other ? 

They are all born from the same Earth Mother and one day will sleep eternally on her lap forever … So why on the name of colour and pride shed blood of each other ? 

This post is inspired from the 1998 English movie “Colour Blind” based on a book by author Catherine Cookson of the same name, set on a background of World War I . Life for the McQueen family is turned upside down when their daughter Bridget comes home with a black husband.
I was deeply moved by the pathos the whole family suffered and also saddened by the how the story progressed depicting the raw hatred people bore in their hearts against fellow people based just on skin colour and racial prejudice.Was that justifiable or even human? 


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