Glory of Silence !!! 

Silence has a deeper meaning 

Silence has a beautiful story 

Silence has an inner shinning 

Silence has its own proud glory …

Absorbed in your silence still ,She can hear those words you never say 
Listening to your sound of silence still , she can read all your thoughts sad or gay 
Echoing in your silence still , she feels in her mind words you ought to say of fondness and fervour 
Unveiling the layers of silence still, she hopes one day the hidden thunder will pour over
Mysterious is silence still,the enchantment though she effortlessly understands 
Comfortable is the silence between them still, yet all unsaid adoration she smoothly comprehends
Whispering in the silence still ,she could sense the steady breeze of optimism 
Sitting in the arresting silence still ,she knows their love is inevitably strong and assures her a marvellous finale in perfect rhythm !! 

Picture added from Google Image.


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