Love,Hope and Feelings  ! 

Some country song,a glass of wine and to be held by you
Every time you leave me with my red blood turning blue
Do you remember those times ..
When the same love song played on and on all night long

When we danced to the groovy music in that country club to charm a weekend night

When I watched in awe , the amusing tricks you played

When I laughed out loud to the silly jokes you said

When you held me close to unburden the heavy heart

When you wiped uncontrollable tears trickling down my cheeks

When you assured Everything is gonna be just fine

When every now and then I foolishly used to ask, forever are you gonna be mine ??
Those fine promises of love and affection

Those soft kisses of hope and passion

You taught me love , you ushered in laughter and fun

You added pleasant dreams to an otherwise senseless life ..

Indebted to your love .. I live,I grow, I breathe , I strife !!
Picture added from Google images .


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