The Darkness Inside …

This post is in support of social awareness for victims of drug abuse who need compassion and not hate to recover .


In the darkness he let himself dwell
In the shadows he hid himself in a shell
Scattered whispers in the melanoid dark

Accustomed to the sorrowful gloom

The dark streets of lonely pathos

No one to share the unstoppable rage

Locked inside were the feelings that are nothing but a haze

Stepping into the glow of the unlighted

Walking in the thorny path unguided

Visions that got partially blurred

Travelling back in time, memories that flash in the pitch black corridors where voices go unheard


All this because not a single loving heart cradled his pain and plight

All this because dark was the only light burning bright

All this because they didn’t show him little compassion and delight

Covertly he wishes someone would hear the muted screams ,console him and make everything right !!



Picture added from Google Images and quote by self .


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