War Zoned !! 

Empty streets and lonely distant lights

Eyes filled with distrust and terror

Agony of losing dear ones .. Kith and kin !

Weapons ,unrest , anguish and sorrow

The endless war , darkness prevails and innocence crushed .. What for ??
Brave soldiers drained and dead who are now covered in red

Few days back felt the sunshine and everyone’s adore ..

Now all that is left is screams, agony and some memories of disgust and horror .. What for ??

Looking around the heart sinks to witness the ruination .. strings of skeletons names of whom we will never know
He fought till the last not knowing who he was fighting , the demons inside or the faceless enemy .. What for ??

Children orphaned , childhood kidnapped,running here and there clutching hungry stomachs knowing not how to deal with the pain bestowed by war nor the approaching  future that has now turned very obscure ..  What for ??
Does war bring in hope ? Does the heartbreak and the sorrow pass ? Does it end the quarrel with the foe ?
Then What for ??
Picture added from Google image.


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