A woman’s glory !! 

In search of dignity … I found myself
In a quest for a space to breathe in freedom, every woman should ask herself ..

Aren’t we more than just pretty things ?

Aren’t we worth a little more respect ?

Aren’t we going to fight for our own elevation?

There is more to life than we can imagine,

First we must win the battle within.

At times,we know the truth but dare not believe,

If we make up our mind,we shall receive.

All the honour that is meant for us ,

Like all hard times this too shall pass.

With all our vivacity , the ambition we must preserve,

Just hold on to our eminence with head held high ,till we become what we deserve !!
Picture added from Google Image.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. arupa barua says:

    Your poem gives vent to what thousands and thousands of women want to say.
    Only literacy would not be able to free us cpletely from the ancient bondage…. there is more to it. Patriarchy must be end3d.Education opens the door, streangthens our position , makes us economically self sufficient yet somwhere a few hinges of the chain still remain..
    I loved your poem. Carry on beautiful poet.

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    1. Appreciate the insight you have given about my thoughts on this.Thank you so much for reading and for the encouragement . Love !


  2. arupabarua says:

    Welcom my dear. Its always my pleasure to see you grow mentally, physically , intellectually. Immensely pleased at your growth as a writer. Growth is the only constant you know . It should never stop. At sixty I am still growing intellectually…and that keeps me going !!
    Much love…

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