Footmarks  on the sands of time 

Havoc in my mind with your light gentle kisses

Burning down the desires of the unruly heart

Loving me forever for whatever I am

Caressing my emotions with the soft touch of your hand

Running your fingers through the tangled feelings

Soothing my inner distress with your warm embraces

Assuring through kind gestures , your unbound fondness

Smiling till our eyes could hold the glance no more

Wiping away unconsolable tears trickling down my cheeks

Tender moments expressed without words uttered

Whispering nice little sweet nothings 

The innocent expression of infinite love

Countless waves of feelings exchanged just by holding hands

Peacefully curled up in your arms I drift off into fractions of peaceful slumbers

Awakened with a sudden shudder and a somber thought

What O what would I be ? without you to hold me back when I am falling apart

Treasuring our precious moments

Blessed to be adored …. I live to love you until the last !!!


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