That little Voice !!!

Aspired to be successful and famed,she was inspired by the free spirit, motivated by the beautiful mind …

Aspirations lost its ground and faded away into the dark sands of time … Giving up on the little things she found solace in,she rebuilt a new world ,in which she was not so happy from within !!

A woman in all essence complete and fulfilled was she ?

With flames inside a drop of tear she struggled on …

The loving wife

The dotting mother

The indispensable care giver for everyone was what became of her destiny !!

Her craving for freedom from the captivities of the shadowed life ,

Made her inner voice quiver and hindered her strength to strife !!

The shackles of dominance bound her feet ,

Her mind was muddled,the rhythms played on.. She failed to dance, every time missing some beat …

Once twice or thrice she tried to break free,

Only to hear a soft little voice from deep inside she,

Asking … ” mother who will nurture me?? “


2 Comments Add yours

  1. arupa barua says:

    Beautiful poetry Tina. I am so proud of you. Also happy that you took up the PEN. There is no limit to to creativity. God bless you .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Mom ! You have always been a source of immense inspiration .. As a dotting mother to me throughout and as a friend with whom I can be my true self ❤️


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