An Escape to Paradise .. Bhutan !!  

Adorned by the gorgeous landscape ,A gush of fresh air envelopes you in its arms,

The light drizzle of rain drops tickles your face and on it leaves its charms,

It takes your mind away from all worries ; Ohh ! What an escape.

When silence is comfortable,Leisure becomes affordable.

Love and compassion fills the heart,Unbound satisfaction..of which you become a part.

The highest mountains mocks at you-Life is Vast !

The clearest of skies tells you-

Upon you a spell is cast !

The River flowing away- strong and mighty,

Reminds you of life’s love bestowed upon you in plenty.

As you are lost in admiration and your thoughts concurred in appreciation…of nature’s abundant beauties ,

Alas !! A time did come sooner to leave this paradise and join back the stream of every day duties.

Picture taken at Paro,Bhutan.


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