Only If !!!

If I could be that little girl again..Just a little girl.. Caught up in her dreams and fantasies,

Whatever it takes to bring back that stardust of innocence I would surely do ..

If I could turn back time.. begin again and make all aspirations come true,

If I could find what happy is, it would be like walking on a cloud with you,

If I could fill all hearts with love and hope it would make a world that is brand new,

If I could burn down all hatred, it would save lives more than a thousands few,

If I could hold you enough,till the fear in me subsides..

If I could find you walking beside me with long swinging strides,

If I could feed the hungry millions till their hearts are content,

If I could read their minds and be free of all Misjudgment,

If I could bring back the magic of the first snow ,

Warm up those cold feeble hands and ease the aging hearts with compassion and a delightful glow,

Wouldn’t you stop the frenzied quest for the meaning of life? …Stop merely existing and Start living every moment in awe of being alive? …. Being you !!


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