The Rhythms Of Life !!

Searching for a little bit of wonderful everyday,
Zealously I compose myself ,to live up to the magics of life ,
Counting minutes and seconds of each passing moment,
Reliving those precious times ,I feel alive … reminiscing !!

The days are shorter ,nights as long as could be ..
The crisp chill touching our tired souls under the glassy glazed full moon,
The cold wintry days I cherish,bestowed onto me like a boon ..
And as I am walking down memory lane I find beside me … My good old friend !!
Who never failed me and stood by me like a pillar of hope,
At times smiling at me ,frowning at me ..
Building my spirits higher through all shades of life ,
Ahhh !! I see it is none other than … The seamless shadow of the very own ME !!
My friendship with ME is lasting and forever ,unraveling the mysterious rhythms-of-life ….

I hear music in the angry waves crashing against the glistening sea shore,
I hear the cadence in black beauty’s steady gallop .. and away she goes..
Carrying Bella’s knight in shining armour on the gracious saddle that she bore,
The hubbub in the baby’s meaningless laughter,
The high notes in the sounds of the night owl’s birdsong ,
The rhythm of the falling rain,filling the hearts with joyful glitter,
The hum in the humming bird’s warble,
The Trill in the humble monk’s chantings ,
The honour of General’s chivalry marching in perfect unison,
The clinking sounds of the bell around kitty’s smooth furry neck,
The melody in the street singer’s trumpet,
The pitter patter beats of her tap dancing feet,
The tik tak sounds of her high heals when she nervously graced the ball room floor,
The throbbing sounds of his fastened heartbeat when she looked at him with adore…..

Listen carefully There is rhythm in everything and we live for a little bit of wonderful everyday!!


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  1. Abhishek says:

    Very nice !

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    1. raktim says:

      Killer … Keep up the gud work!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks you so much for reading & appreciating my work 😊


  2. orihana says:

    Very nicely penned down..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Soibam Deepa says:

    🙂 Beautiful!

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  4. Anonymous says:


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  5. Chiru says:

    Well done Tina😘 You are on the path of becoming a poet laureate. Really beautiful thoughts & expressions👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a huge one from you dear ! So glad you liked reading it 😘😘


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